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How An Overseas Buyer Attends 127th E-Canton Fair

How An Overseas Buyer Attends 127th E-Canton Fair

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2020/05/18 13:31

The 127th Canton Fair will be held and last 10 days on line as first time ever, starting on June 15th and ending on 24th. Though all parties are still ratching up on the preparatory work and a full picture of how the fair will exactly looks like is yet to take shape. Based on the information obtained earlier, however, we may now share you some tips as following.

 1) An overseas buyer (hereafter called you) should first go to the official website of Canton Fair at http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/ for a certain registration, which is aimed to verify your status and collect your basic information needed for database buildup. The registration should be made ahead of the fair however.  

2) In the course of the fair, you will be well matched and guided automatically onto a main page where all exhibitors that might match your purchase intent are all shown. Once you choose and click an exhibitor, you will see the main page of the exhibitor, where all regular information is shown ranging from company introduction to product images.

3) Compared with other promotion websites, this time the fair committee rolls out a new promotion tactic, live broadcasting promotion allowing you and the exhibitors interact in a virtual reality on all subjects concerned. More interesting, following a host’s lens, you will be able to look into the details of a company you’re engaged with. This might be the most distinct characteristics the fair will impress us.     

4) On a homepage of an exhibitor, apart from the regular contents, you will see an agenda highlighting an exact time and subject planned to broadcast live for each day. During the broadcast, you may raise any questions interested and the questions will be answered on the spot. Once you’re interested in the subject, you may click for appointment and show up at the time the planned broadcasting begins. Unlike other regular contents which will stay accessible after the fair, the feature for live broadcast will just be available for 10 days.

5) Last but not the least, you as an overseas buyer has to better equip yourself in advance so as to make yourself easily reachable to any chances that may arise. Though the electrolization of Canton Fair is unprecedent and unfamiliar to all of us, still the near future’s ones, especially the second session of this year could follow suit as the world still sees no light at the end of the tunnel of coronavirus pandemic. More than that, at an electrolization era, digitalization of Canton Fair seems just a matter of time and this orientation is anyway expected. Therefore, let us all take it seriously.

 We thank you for your attention and will keep you updated with more information coming in. Stay tuned!


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